Advanced Education vs. Employment

During this continued business pandemic environment, we have seen an increase in marketing of advanced degrees. Are graduate degrees worth pursuing in this economy? Some data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics may surprise you. While some occupations will have higher earnings at the master level and above, deciding on occupations before education can help you to explore the benefits and costs. Check out the chart below for some well paying occupations and projected openings with a bachelor’s degree.

Occupation Annual wages Experience Openings
Chief Executive Officer 183,270 5 years or more 20,000
Computer information
systems managers 139,220 5 years or more 32,500
Marketing Manager 132,230 5 years or more 21,300
Financial Manager 126,080 5 years or more 58,900

Using previously cited sources (O*Net/OOH) allows you to explore work environments, level of education, industry certification(s) or specialized training that may allow career advancement with a bachelors degree.