Transferable Skills Analysis

We all hear about the term transferable skills analysis when it comes to translating skills of active service members and veterans. How can employers use the same skills when recruiting? Data from the Defense Manpower Data Center provides the # active duty, guard, reservists military occupational specialty, rank, and discharge demographics. The Infantry comprises the largest strength component, so how can employers tap into the skills they possess?

Methodology exists that will allow the translation of military skills and training into civilian work fields, using similar materials processes and services. Infantry specialists and unit leaders are versed in

  • Material Moving
  • Communication
  • Protective
  • Operation-maintenance of Weapons/Equipment
  • Surveying-Cartography

Equivalent Civilian Occupations are:

  • Construction worker
  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Manager/Supervisors
  • Transportation and Material Moving
  • Precision equipment repair
  • Medical equipment repair
  • Mechanical assembler
  • Occupational Health and Safety Tech
  • Drone operator
  • GIS mapping,
  • Firefighter
  • Security Safety supervisors