Combat Engineer Case Study

Our client was evaluated after serving as an active duty and reserve combat engineer (Army MOS 12B).  Since leaving the military his worked as a construction laborer, sign hanger and hotel maintenance worker. He had difficulty with conveying military duties, skills and experience  to employers for job he wanted, construction manager.

What did he do in the Army? “I was a team member and  squad leader involved in observation, reconnaissance and safe route planning for movement of equipment and personnel, responsible for design, building and repair of fortifications:  operated heavy and light equipment;  evaluated hazardous situations and developed solutions to reduce risk of injury; project lead understanding, planning and scheduling of equipment, materials and personnel for field operations. I provided guidance and technical expertise to engineering staff, superiors and subordinates. I was a subject matter expert and go to guy.”

Using the description of his MOS we reviewed this occupation in the O*Net confirming he was qualified to work as a construction manager,  carpenter: building inspector, maintenance engineer. loss control rep and safety specialist.

His overlooked mental abilities of leadership, situational adaptability, conflict resolution, team building, diversity and inclusion were noted as skills.

Assisting him to develop a skills based resume and introduction to employers led to success in finding a career as a construction project manager.

While we educate and coach veterans in the translation and applicability of skills and training, employers’ reliance on titles may cause them to overlook well-trained work-ready candidates.