Military to Civilian Education

The US Army is one of the largest providers of vocational educational training. The army maintains academic training facilities at various installations. Their career catalog includes over 1,000 courses that train entry level and advanced soldiers in the particular skills that are needed to support their mission. The MOS can be used to determine the initial term of service/training, and career progression which can be correlated with civilian education. Many of these vocational and educational programs mirror civilian education programs.

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP), classifies education at the secondary and post secondary levels found or required in civilian occupations. A large percentage of Army MOS codes correlate with the Trade and Industrial CIP.

Pennsylvania labor market statistics estimate the demand for construction workers, trades-craft workers and supervisors will exceed 55,000 jobs within 6 years. Where will all these workers be found? Transitioning from the military!!

The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)  published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is an accessible resource that aggregates occupational data by titles.

Occupations that fall within the trade and industrial group can be found in the range of SOC Codes 47-0000 – 51-2099. Identifying civilian similarities  to military training, education and career progression helps to connect employers and qualified candidates.