Vocational Counseling

Being satisfied in a career is a fundamental aspect of life that we cannot ignore.

Vocational counselors meet with individuals to help them focus on vocational issues such as job choice or change, college major, return to work after absences, change from injury or disability, job-seeking, interview skills, and career planning. Counselors help individuals explore options, alternatives, and resources so that decisions can be based on relevant information. Understanding your abilities, skills, and characteristics will improve career satisfaction and choice. VocResources services include:


  • Evaluate abilities, knowledge, aptitudes interests.
  • Selecting and interpreting vocationally focused tests.

Vocational Exploration

  • Co-develop occupations by integrating assessment results.
  • Providing occupational research and resources on careers of interest.

Career Development

  • Examine choices by preference, likes, and dislikes.
  • Identify potential employment with or without training.

Occupational Direction

  • Select educational paths required to meet career goals.
  • Review jobs, outlook, and career paths in the active labor market.

Job Seeking Skills

  • Instructing clients on use of the internet, hidden job markets, informational interviewing and networking.
  • Crafting resumes, cover letters, and online introductions.

Counseling Guidance

  • Providing feedback to overcome barriers.
  • Instruct clients in self-advocacy. resources, interview, and career advancement techniques.

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Other Services:

  • Consulting– Evaluating the vocational potential of a client after an injury.
  • Workforce Development– Connect transitioning military members with successful civilian careers.
  • Resources – Find free resources to help you find employment.
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