Following an injury or illness, clients find it difficult to determine a new career path. Vocational consulting can help determine a suitable job consistent with their abilities and limitations following a change in their life. Vocational consulting consists of:

Vocational Evaluation 

  • Conducting interviews, file reviews, and testing to identify a client’s vocational potential.
  • Identifying similar occupations within a client’s skills and limitations.

Earning Capacity Assessment

  • Evaluating the impact of an injury or disability on earnings.
  • Comparing occupations a worker could perform before and after an injury.

Employment Searches

  • Develop jobs in competitive employment.
  • Identify new jobs with education and training costs.

Labor Market Surveys

  • Contact employers, obtain job descriptions, and check qualifications.
  • Collect local, regional, and national occupational data.

Expert Reports

  • Project vocational potential, wages, and labor market access.
  • Written reports and testimony.

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