Ticket to Work

For individuals receiving Social Security Disability or SSI benefits, the return to gainful employment can be complicated and challenging. The Ticket to Work program helps Social Security beneficiaries who are disabled obtain vocational rehabilitation, career counseling, job placement, benefit and employment support free of charge. 

VocResources is a member of the American Dream Employment Network 

https://www.nationaldisabilityinstitute.org/aden/  an approved Employment Network that assists beneficiaries interested in work.

VocResources was designed to assist individuals with vocational services, and other support services needed to obtain and maintain employment. Employment encourages economic empowerment and long term financial stability for individuals and their families.  Our philosophy of treating each client as a unique person breaks down barriers and contributes to establishing the relationship which is integral to a successful outcome. Our services include:

  • Vocational exploration
  • Developing suitable careers & job openings
  • Resumes/cover letters/interview preparation
  • Resources/referrals
  • Career counseling
  • Long term job support
  • Benefit and work incentive advisement

Access to services:

Following successful closure by Vocational Rehabilitation Services a beneficiary may assign their ticket to VocResources  LLC to receive additional ongoing services. 

Beneficiaries can self-refer by 

Phone 412-206-2959 
Email: jim@vocresources.com 
Address:  P.O. Box 12881, Pittsburgh, PA 15241 

Testimonial.  Sean B.

What can you say, sometimes you feel like the deck is stacked against you and no one is in your corner.  After 6 years of being out of work, collecting disability, and watching life pass me by, it was time to try and pick myself up and join the workforce.  Trying to get back to work can be extremely difficult and as much as we want to think we can do it on our own, well unfortunately it is just not always that easy.  Navigating the job options, even making the decision and direction to head can be daunting, to say the least.  After reviewing and contacting multiple companies to assist with my return to work program I came across Mr. Jim Rossi with Voc Resources.  I want to make it clear and note that most companies I contacted prior to Jim were not willing to much more than send out jobs once a month.  Jim easily stood out from the crowd, he was constantly checking in with me, providing job opportunities, helping me review my resume, and even assisted me with potential training options and his follow up calls with potential contacts took my hunt to the next level.  Jim was the single reason I am employed today in a great job with an excellent company.  Still today I get calls from Jim checking in to see how things are going in my current path.  If you are researching companies to apply your return to work ticket with ask them what they do for you, then speak to Jim.