Workforce Development

Transitioning service members are faced with the need to find jobs or study further in an attempt to increase their chances of finding employment. Translating military skills and training into civilian careers that can be performed now or with additional education requires guidance from vocational counselors. VocResources assists clients with:

  • Completing and understanding transferable skills analysis.
  • Using government resources to discover occupations.
  • Identifying jobs using O*NET and MOS classifications.
  • Determining educational programs required for selected occupations.
  • Creating job search plans and resources for job openings.
  • Guidance through military transition challenges.
  • Determining the impact of barriers on ability to perform work.


Similarly, businesses have a continued need to find skilled workers. This workforce can be created by those currently or formerly serving in the military. By correlating jobs to military skills training and rank, VocResouces identifies and connects businesses, recruiters, and HR professionals with qualified veterans, transitioning military, and reservists.

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Other Services:

  • Vocational Counseling – Learning about your interests, skills, and aptitudes can lead you down the path of choosing a successful career.
  • Consulting– Evaluating vocational potential of a client after an injury.
  • Resources – Find free resources to help you find employment.
Man speaking to military members